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    Total Protection - Firewall preventing WiFi Internet Access


      Problem 1

      Running Windows Vista Home Premium on Laptop with WiFi connection to D-Link DIR-655 Router. Firewall Version 12.0, Build 12.0.338; Last Update 8/5/2011.  With Firewall on, cannot connect to WiFi internet.  With Firewall off, internet works fine.  How do I correct this annoying problem???


      Problem 2

      I am totally frustrated trying to install new MTP software from a purchased CD. Package instructions say the internet can be used, and a website is given.  It is no longer available.  Using the Download Purchased Software (to me that was intuitively pleasing!) on the main website takes about 2-1/2 - 3 hours, with a lengthy Threat Scan,  supposedly complete old software removal, a reboot, download new software, and installation of new software.  At no time was I asked for my new inswtallation key from the purchased software.  When I checked the subscription date, it is the same as the previous date of last years renewal, about to expire -- even though all remnants of old McAfee was supposedly removed!

      Downloading the new software from the purchased CD, I am given the option of using the CD version and then updating, or using the internet.  I tied using the internet -- same problem -- after about 3 hours, I end up with the same old expiry date to my subscription and I was never asked to enter the installation key from the purchased CD package.  Installing the new software from the CD entirely results in the same problem after another 3 hours -- the old subscrition renewal date remqins, and I was given no opportunity to enter the new installation key.  I have been trying to install new Mcafee TP software on two computers for the last 3 days without any success.  I even tried calling their chat line in India -- with no help being offered -- it is hard to run a remote session on the same computer that you're trying to download software which takes about 3 hours and requires rebooting.  I have just about had it with McAfee.  They expect me to trust their software to CONTROL my computers when they can't even design software that will load properly!  Does anybody at Mcafee test their software before selling it?