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    Rogue sensor will not install

      Hopeing someone can help with what little information I can give out.

      trying to install a rogue sensor on a windows 2k server.

      everything begins to load and it gets to the setup.ini file, then it just fails

      checking through the logs, I see the deployment and then failed to install with no other information I can really decipher.


      if I try and do another install it says there is already a task, I can "remove" the sensor and then it will try and reinstall


      using rogue sensor 2.0 and epo 4.5


      is there a way to manually install the sensor?


      unfortunatly I cannot give out logs due to the nature of the system.

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          Without the logs I suspect analysis will not be easy or even possible.

          All I can really suggest is you run whever errors you do have through the McAfee Knowledge base, and perhaps see if you can try installing the sensor on something other than Windows 2000.


          Manual install is unlikely to be much different, all ePO is doing is pushing over the same MSI package as you would be using and executing it.





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            Is your Win2K server fully up to date?


            I know a VSE requires the SP4 rollup 1 installed prior to installation. maybe the rogue sensor is the same




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              You need to delete all the deployment tasks from teh database

              make sure you allow RSD to communicate through your firewall if not alrady there


              by adding firewall rule with local service 137


              and 8443 rule  or whatever port you chose for In traffic

              disable HIPS and VSE


              create the deployment tasks again


              ensure your policy is configured and enabled and has the epO server IP as rogue system server

              ensure the user has rights to the MSSQL databases server roles is set to sysadmin


              run / execute  the query on the ePO database


              DELETE FROM EPOTask

              WHERE GlobalTaskID>0

              AND ProductCode='SNOWCAP_2000'

              AND TaskType = 'SensorDeployment'


              Then install the rogue sensor

              select your group or systems then

              Click on Actions Rogue Sensor  InstallRogue Sensor


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                Plase do include the logs and screenshot of  your detected systems if this doesnt work