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    Real-time scanning & firewall won't stay on

      Running Windows 7 SP1 and McAfee Internet Security Suite.


      Installed recent Windows updates.  Had a problem connecting to internet.  Ending up restoring my system to an earlier restore point.  Then, had problems with McAfee.  Though I go to the main panel and turn on both the firewall & real-time scanning, it turns it back off after a few seconds.


      I've removed McAfee Internet Security Suite a number of times and reinstalled from MyAccount by downloading the product again & going through the regular installation process.  Results are always the same.  Real-time scanning & firewall will not stay on.


      I've run the updates feature to the McAfee product.  That goes fine.  It then tells me a restart is required to complete the changes.  I restart my system.  Problem still remains.  I've gone through the same exercise many times:  remove & reinstall the McAfee product, requests updates to McAfee Internet Security Suite, set scanning & firewall "on".  The system fails to turn the McAfee scanning & fire wall on each time.  I get the same results over and over.


      Also, I've tried running the virtual technician; that doesn't fix the problem.  I've attached the log from my most recent run of the virtual technician.


      Can anyone help, as this is driving me crazy.  I may be forced to go to another ant-virus/security product soon.

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          We had several users getting this. Sure you have no other AV software present?


          First when you uninstalled did you use the pragrams and features to remove mcafee then the MCPR removal tool to clean up the left overs?


          Reboot then reinstall?


          Also performing a manual Update should resolve this issue the vast majority of times.   Try this


          Have a read through of

          https://community.mcafee.com/message/199687 especially post 3

          https://community.mcafee.com/thread/21946?start=0&tstart=0  post 3 and 4


          If still an issue chat with Technical support their link is in useful links tab above


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            I was able to resolve the issue.  It appears the real fix to the problem was in uninstalling McAfee.  This time, I used Windows uninstall feature and then followed it by running the MCPR removal tool.  I then re-installed the McAfee product and all has worked well since then.


            The key was running the MCPR removal tool.  That appears to have made the difference in all my various efforts to correct the issue.  In prior attempts to fix the issue where I only used the Windows program removal tool (without the MCPR execution), it seems to have left some files/objects hanging around which still caused problems.  So, by additionally running MCPR and cleaning up any leftover files and then doing a clean re-install, all worked well.

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              Yes I have seen several users who had Mcafee auto updated get a corrupt install seems yours was 1.


              Glad it is now fixed