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    Anyone seeing problem with latest update?

      I have been fighting this for three days. When Mcafee updates, apparently a new release, not just an update, it requests a reboot. When my system reboots, it defaults to 4 bit color at 800 x 600. The resolution cannot be changed, and the video drivers will not reinstall, claiming no compatible hardware. Now, I installed the drivers myself and know that the hardware is there, but somethign has been changed or overwritten by this new release. The only way I have been able to correct it is to uninstall Mcafee and then do a system restore back to before the installation. Rebooting after that, I am OK until the next Mcafee "update". If I get "updated" anymore, I may have to visit a physician.


      I am running Windows XP Pro on a Dell Latitude C840. I did notice that Windows recently did an update called "Software Distribution Service 3.0" which made some chages. I wonder if the Mcafee Internet Security has been tested with this update. Anyone have anything that might help?

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          Sounds like you should report this in the following thread. Other users have reported the same issue on XP Pro machines. They might be able to help get you back on your feet temporarily. Some of the most recent posts talk in greater detail about video driver deletion or corruption.




          A Software Distribution Service 3.0 entry in System Restore usually means Windows Updates downloaded and installed. Everytime Windows is going to install updates, it creates a restore point. The updates for this month just came out Tuesday August 9th.


          Good luck!

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            Thank you for the referal to the thread. It sounds a lot like what is happening. I will report it there and try some of the things that they suggest. This last update pretty much did me in as doing the system restore from the earlier point isn't helping anymore. Tech support chat was worth about what I paid for it..nothing.


            I did a restore to a point before the Tuesday update, but noticed that all previous restore points had been deleted, apparently by Windows Update. Previously, I had restored to last Friday and that had worked..


            Thank you again for the help.