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    Computer not recognising installed software



      I'm having big issues with my mcafee software, I bought new software in May this year and recently I have been told that my subscription is out of date and that I need to renew. When I check my account online it says that my new software is active but its not being recognised for some reason?

      I bought my Dell laptop a number of years back with McAfee included in it and have been renewing this since but have found a cheaper alternative so bought that instead. It has been working since my old subscription ran out end June this year but all of a sudden is not working now. I think that it is also stopping my internet connection from connecting to webpages. There is no issue with the connection itself as I can connect with my phone but it means that I can't log onto technical support to check my system.


      I really need help on this please as I can't find a way to contact McAfee technical support without paying a fortune on my phone!


      Hope someone can help!