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    Resume from Hibernation and EEPC 6.1

      Anyone have users experience this or know of any resolution?  If a user hibernates their laptop, after McAfee Endpoint Encryption authentication we have experienced a 3-8 minute resume time on Windows 7, and a 1-4 minute resume time on XP.  I have talked to McAfee Support and was told it is an OS issue, and the resume time can depend on the amount of RAM and the size of the hibernate file.  I have also created a Program Enhancement request but there is no telling if and when it will be addressed.


      Just curious to know if this is a common issue and how others are addressing it?

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          There are some performance enhancements planned for the end of this year regarding resume - it's mainly due to disparity between driver-supported and BIOS supported speeds of the hardware.


          No dates yet, or release numbers, but it is something being looked at for optimization. Until then all you can do is reduce the hibernation file size.

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            The status to my Product Enhancement Request was "Already in Product".  I am running EEPC and Encryption Endpoint Agent and still have very long resume time so I am not real sure that statement is true.  I really hope there is a resolution soon.

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              How much extra time does it take, and how much ram do you have?

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                It is taking anywhere from 3-8 minutes to resume from hibernation on all Windows 7 laptops.  We currently have about 200 in production that are encrytped  The RAM ranges from laptop to laptop, but minimum is 2GB,  I personally have 4GB and it takes 3-4 minutes..

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                  how much extra time does it take though? Remember, to resume it has to decrypt the hiberfile, which as the AES algorithm is not the fastest on the block, can take some time.


                  There's not really much that can be done about this - lots of ram, a slow algorithm, maybe a slow disk subsystem etc, all compound the problem I guess.

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                    In response to kdubtx, we are also seeing the same problems.  We have brand new Dell Latitude laptops with 2GB of RAM and very fast solid state drives.  The time to resume from hibernation on these systems is about 1 minute 15 seconds.  Doing a cold boot and getting to a Windows 7 desktop is about 1 minute flat. 

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                      that's to be expected - the drive is significantly faster than the processor. Security unfortunately never comes for free - gotta munch all those bytes of data at some point.

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                        Hi, we have around 2,400 laptops with EEPC 6.1.x that was installed some time ago and we have upgraded to 7.0.2. We have around 70 systems of all types, makes, SATA, SSD on Windows 7 SP 1that when they resume from hibernation present the user with the EEPC log in screen, accepts there credentials and then restart asking them to log in again. The only fix we have found is to re-image the pc.


                        Has anyone else seen this? McAfee and not really helping much, they said to ensure the BIOS was patched, but some of these are brand new systems just out of the box!