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    EEPC 6.1 Username changes


      What happens when a current authorized EEPC user changes their name thorugh marriage divorce etc.? Will the updated username be treated as completely new user in EEPC? 

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          Hemant Koli

          Hello Kink80.



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            The reason for asking is that when a name is changed in AD a new profile is not created on machines that the user  has already logged into. So even if we have the "Create Local Domain" users option turned on that newly renamed user will not be created because it links to the old user profile on the machine. So will the new renamed users have to be manually added through ePO?

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              Users are synced with AD using the objectGuid.  So providing the objectGuid Isn't changed then it will be treated as the same user.  All the user attributes you have configured in the EE ldap sync will be updated on the next run. 


              Once this has happened, it will get enforced during the next policy enforcement on the client.


              Hope that helps