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    I cant see my vaults??

      First, this is my first discussion (or topic as forum often call) - dude this means Im new in mc afee community (or whatever is the true writing style for this word )



      Then, lets have a look at my problem


      I have Mcafee Total Protection 2011 that is working on Windows 7 Professional (x64) with no problem, except the Anti-Theft File Protection.

      I created a vault called "Ege" with 20 GB size, and started using it.


      First two weeks I hadnt any problems with my software, as other guys had no lock problem.

      But after those two weeks (maybe with that day's update) when I open the software I couldnt see any vaults there.


      Yea I tried virtual technician but had no solution.

      I added my vaults with the extended section - I use turkish version of AV software, so I dont know the exact section name - the window that you can add existing vaults. It says the vault is already added. I created another vault, copied and changed its name and tried to open it but it says " Vault cant added to the .xml file." or something like that.


      Guys please help mee!!