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    Another Mac Activation issue


      In a previous post I was able to get a Macbook Pro 3,1 encrypted by editing the EESupportedPlatformList.xml file as instructed by Mcafee.


      I tried the same thing with a MacBookPro 4,1 and it would seem to activate. The logs say:


      MacSystem, Found Supported Hardware: MacBookPro 4,1 . (good right ??)


      Later in the logs I get this Warning and don't know what to make of it:


      LPC Channel subscriptions failed: [0xEE000007] Unexpected IPC error. Please ensure MA/Point Product service is running.

      MfeEpeServiceLPCServer channels subscribed.


      I also see this:


      Error, EpoPlugin

      policyHandler: cannot attempt activation without any assigned users.  (Get out of town, I assigned users.)

      Setting enforcement state to FALSE.


      Any help would be appreciated.