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    Install of integrated Patch5

      When testing (manual, without EPO...yet) the installation of 8.5i with integrated Patch 5 on a Vista SP1 machine...the binaries installed are NOT patch 5 - they are base 8.5i :mad:
      Now, I know that Vista SP1 is not supported until Patch 6...but are others seeing this issue?

      Install integrated Patch5:
      McShield.exe binary is dated 30/11/2006 and v13.3.1.100 and show No Patches

      Install base + patch 5 separately
      McShield.exe binary is dated 24/1/2008 and v13.3.2.125 and shows patch 5

      I have re-downloaded the integrated patch5 version...and the files within it are dated 26/3/2008

      What gives ?

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          Sorry, in general, we're still sticking with Windows XP. Too many issues with Vista on our corporate stuff.

          I've only got two Vista machines here and both installed the base VirusScan 8.5i on Vista without SP1, then installed Patch #5, then installed Vista SP1, so it's not exactly like you're doing.. In our case, Patch 5 is showing correctly in all locations justt like your second example.

          Just a thought... Have you disabled UAC on all those Vista machines?.. We've found it to make a difference..

          Hope this helps.