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    ePO 4.6 on Windows SBS Server 2008

      Hey folks!


      I have no idea why, but with one server we have a big problem with ePO: Version 4.5 wasn´t installable (and it is not supported) so we tried it again with version 4.6, but it´s still not installable :-(


      Because it´s an SBS we had to install the database manually and than enabled Named Pipes and TCP/IP, restarted the service and than started the installation, but it still doesn´t see the database. Have we something forgotten or what´s wrong? I already checked the Windows Server Firewall, there´s a rule for the manually installed sql server and it´s also reachable trying to connect to it using telnet, so i don´t know what i can do anymore to become the ePO running.



      Who knows what i can do?