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    website re-direct and scan stopper possible rootkit?

      I am currently experiencing an issue with my webseaches being re-directed through to other unwanted sites.  Also when I try to run a virus scan on my computer it shuts down after a few short seconds.  I am currently using McAfee antivirus 2011 but have tried many others such as Malwarebytes, bullguard etc...  There was a resolved post in a previous discussion where the moderator deemed he was infected by a new nasty rootkit, however alot of the instructions on how to fix the problem were missing and just said "post edited"...  If soemone could help me with this very annoying problem it would be greatly appreciated

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          Hi loganp and welcome to the McAfee Community Forums!


               Sorry to hear you are experiencing the problems you mentioned.  Until one of our other more experienced forum members and moderators can take a look at your post, would you please be so kind as to post back with the following information which will enable them to better assist you:


          - Your computer's operating system.

          - The particular Internet browser(s) you are using when the problem occurs.


          You indicated you had tried using Malwarebytes and some other anti-malware programs; were you able to run them successfully without your system crashing?


          Have you tried running a scan with McAfee after re-booting in Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking;  If so, what were the results?


          Have you attempted a System Restore back to a point before you began having the browser re-direct problems?

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            Thank you for your reply,


            I am using windows vista,  and I normally use Firefox and have recently tried both google chrome and internet explorer all with the same results.  All of the malware and virus removal software I have tried end with the same result, no crash but they all start and close a few seconds in...  My computer does crash periodically but doesnt seem to correspond to any particular application.  Same virus scan let down in safe mode aswell...  I appreciate all the help

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              Hi again loganp!


                   It looks as if it will take a while longer before our more experienced forum members/moderators get here (They are generally kept quite busy trying to review the many problems computer users are posting about).  I located a document posted by one of McAfee's tech support staff in response to another person's post with a browser re-direct problem very similar to yours. 


              I have pasted the link below which will take you to the page here in the forums.  There are a number of steps provided by the McAfee tech support person to help in resolving the issue(s) you are having.  Please review the instructions in the document.  If you feel comfortable in proceeding, please do so and then post back with the results.  Sometimes it can take a while before the moderators and other forum members can effectively respond to your posted problem, but they invariably do!


              (You may want to print out the document first before proceeding with the instructions given).




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                Peter M

                Moved this to Malware Discussions > Home User Assistance for better attention.


                What operating system and service pack is this? (Right-click Computer, go to Properties)  Did you try running an updated Malwarebytes in Safe Mode?


                You might want to run the FakeAlert Stinger listed here:  https://community.mcafee.com/docs/DOC-2168


                Read the instructions carefully.


                If that doesn't help the Hijackthis route might be your best bet as suggested lower down that document.

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                  i am using vista, still on service pack one, last time I tried switching to service pack 2 awhile ago and it crashed my computer to a point where I had to take it in to have it completely reformated and ended up losing all my photos and everything...

                  I was finally able to run malwarebytes in safe mode, it ran all the way through and found many viruses , website re-direct issue seems to be taken care of for the time being, still having some issues with my computer such as programs randomly closing and computer crashing periodically... also a sort of unrelated question, I used to have two drives, C: and D: and since I brought my computer in to get it fixed, i have only one C: and it is using 450 GB of 465 and I really dont have much in the way of games, music, photos or really anything on it... any ideas how to clean it out?

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                    Peter M

                    That's good that MBAM caught some problems, let's hope that's the end of it.   First of all, your system is basically unsafe with only SP1 as Microsoft no longer support it for security updates since July 12 this year.


                    The secret to getting a service pack to install is to disable virus protection and or any other real-time protection that you may have,


                    There's help with that here: https://community.mcafee.com/thread/2019


                    I'm not too sure about advising you on cleaning up a drive but what happened to D:?   Did you merge it back into C: or what?


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