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    VSE 8.5i and Vista SP1

      Anyone knows if Patch 5 are currently compatible with Windows Vista SP1?

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          VSE 8.5i patch6将于6月发布,Vista用户暂&# 19981;要升级到SP1

          McAfee will officially support VirusScan Enterprise 8.5i to be installed and operated on Windows Vista with Service Pack 1, with the June patch release (Patch 6) for VirusScan Enterprise 8.5i.

          NOTE: Previous versions of VirusScan, or earlier patch releases, are not supported on the Windows Vista SP1 platform.

          Related Information

          McAfee Quality Assurance has completed basic verification testing against Windows Vista SP1, and have identified issues that must be resolved before supportability can be extended to this platform.

          Customers who want to report issues for VirusScan against this platform may do so through McAfee Support and, if verified, those issues will be added to the list below. However, fixes for these issues will not be made, as the platform is not officially supported until the June patch release.


          Port Blocking feature does not work when installed to Windows Vista SP1.
          Network scanning performance is reduced with Vista SP1 installed.

          McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.5i 将于08年6月正式发布PATCH6&#6529 2;并同时正式支持Microsoft Windows Vista SP1。
          需要注意的是,目前VSE&#235 78;未能完美支持Microsoft Windows Vista SP1。
          现已发现的问题包括: 1.端口阻挡功能失效 2.网络扫描能力下降

          综上所述,建议各位McAfee&# 29233;好者暂时不要升级到SP 1当小白鼠。

          烦请已经当上小白鼠的 朋友反馈一下,相关问 题是否属实。