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    Temporarily Deactivating?

      I am trying to install a program on my laptop and McAfee keeps removing certain key files that renders the program useless. I tried turning off the firewall and the scanning temporarily but the files get deleted anyway. Is there a way to deactivate my anti virus temporarily and then activate it again once i no longer need to use that program?


      Have searched everywhere for a solution and was unable to resolve the problem.



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          Are you sure the program is safe?


          You can disable real time scanner  via Virus and spyware protection and real time scanning and disable it. Reenable after it removed but again you sure it is safe?



          Or send the files to mcafee as false +ve detections


          When they reply reply to email with words false+ve and name of detection.

          Add also in body why you think it is a false detection.

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            I have already turned off real time scanning and firewall, but the file gets removed anyway. what else am i missing?

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              What is the program is it downloadable?


              Run the getsusp program add in your email address to the preferences and use the submit feature to send them the files.

              Will ask re the deletions


              You got any other AV program running ?

              Is real time scanning looking like this when it still removes the files?



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                My contact asked

                Also, I question

                – how does he know McAfee is removing these key files?
                – are they in the quarantine? 
                - any mention in the logs?

                - what app is he using?
                - could it be another app that is doing this?

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                  So how do we shut off our mcafee programs completely?  I don't like the lack of control.


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                    The disabling RTS should be the way.

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                      To answer your questions


                      -Yes it is a downloaded program. to be clear its a game.

                      - No other AV.

                      -Yes my Real Time Scanning is off.

                      - Its a new laptop so i dont have any other programs that would remove these files

                      - I tried installing it on a different computer with a different AV. Could turn the AV off and install. Play the game just fine.

                      - I am unaware how to locate the quarantined files in my computer.


                      Am i allowed to put up the download link here? I tried deactivating my subscription, and turns out it doesnt help. It now greys out the option of turning off the Real Time Scanning and it continues do delete the files.


                      To be clear, i deactivated RTS and firewall when installing.

                      I really appreciate your help. It can be rather frustrating to be honest.

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                        Really best way is to get the files whitelisted as not a virus. Fastest wayh is to figure out which files they are and load getsusp. Add in your email address to the preferences for the program and submit the files to Mcafee that way. Mcafee will reply when they do reply back quoting submission number and subject False +ve and name of detection.


                        They should respond fairly soon if not post back and I will ping a tech.



                        You have to go to the GetSusp Group to get the latest version. Membership is not required.  You can also find support for it in that group and provide feedback.  The actual download is available HERE.


                        Quarantined files  in Navigation and Quarantined and trusted items area.


                        When I asked deactivating RTS should not then have picked up the file. A description of the detection will be in navigation and history and logs and threats detected


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