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    réinstallation McAfee

      Bonjour à tous

      J'arrive sur cet espace de discussion après avoir en vain tenté de réinstaller "Totale Protection" après changement du disque dur de mon ordinateur.

      Je pense qu'il y a là un sérieux problème, voir une arnaque type "double peine" en cas de sinistre !

      J'ai mon CD fourni il y a deux ans à l'achat de l'ordi avec un programme de réinstallation, rien n'y fait !

      J'ai tenté une réinstallation en live et le site me répond inlassablement que je n'ai pas d'abonnement ... !

      C'est tout à fait décourageant ! Il me semble que je suis facile à reconnaître ne serait ce que à partir de mon adresse mail !

      Si on peut m'aider je veux bien sinon je change de fournisseur et j'explique pourquoi à mon (gros) carnet d'adresses !

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          Hello everyone

          I come on this chat room after having unsuccessfully tried to reinstall "Total Protection" after changing the hard drive of my computer.
          I think there is a serious problem, see a scam like "double penalty" Disaster!
          I have my CD that came two years ago to buy the computer with a program of resettlement, to no avail!
          I tried to reinstall live and the site tells me endlessly that I have no subscription ... !
          It's quite disheartening! I think I'm easy to recognize if only from my email address!
          If you can help me I do not mind if I change supplier and explain why in my (large) address book!

          Ok When you reinstalled the disk I assume you named the Pc as the same name you had previously? This will mess up Mcafee and you need assistance to clean it up.

          How many licences have you I assume 1? Have a look at your account and see how many PCs it thinks you have installs on.

          You could try renaming the PC after deactivating the other account licence and rebuild your subscription but this is best done by chat technical staff. Contact the french chat techs and they should help you.


          It is my opinion that you will need to have them remove your account. Rebuild it and uninstall and reinstall Mcafee to get it to work . This assumes what I mentioned above fails. They had to do it that way for me 3 mths ago as the way I mentioned above and told by chat to a poster here 2 days ago failed for me.


          Chat here


          Good luck