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    Potentially Unwanted Program Blocked!



      I recently installed McAfee Internet Security on an older HP Pavilion about a week ago.

      After the first full scan yesterday the scan found a 'pup' called RemAdm-PSKill from c:\HP\Bin\Killwind.exe. I understand this pup program is old and been around for some time. F/what I understand, this is supposedly not a virus but a 'tool' used by HP in order to remotely control your HP computer in the event you need HP tech support. My computer is 5 yrs. old and out of warranty so I will not be needing HP tech support. I read,however, that this type of program could be hijacked and used for malicious intent. I quarantined it but now I keep getting periodic alerts f/McAfee that RemAdm-PSKill has been blocked from c:\system volume information\_restore{106CF321-99A3-4E3A-9103-1BD027606A99}\RP267\A0049930.exe.

      How can I stop the above alerts for this annoying program?



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          I just found another link on here where Ex-brit recommended to temporarily disable system restore and re-boot and it s/b gone!


          Would that work in this case?


          Another user decided to just 'trust' it since it was indicated by some to be an HP tool


          What should I do?



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            I would suggest you try what ExBrit recommended

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              Hi Tom,


              Sorry for the late reply! After further research on this particular 'potentially unwanted program' I decided to just 'trust' this program. It  appears to be an HP program tool that may have more than one component.

              My understanding is this particular program is a legit HP program used by HP tech support that was pre-installed on my computer when new, should I ever need HP tech support. I don't need HP tech support anymore as my computer is out of warranty. F/what I've read so far, this program may have something to do w/HP updates and also appears to be tied to system restore. My previous security software never detected this program so its been on my computer for yrs. I just think McAfee is set more aggressive in detecting these kinds of programs, which is good. At least it gives you a chance to check out a program that you would have otherwise not known about! In this particular case I don't think its anything to worry about so I will just leave it alone IMO.




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                Hello DJR,

                Need not to worry, since McAfee has quaratined it becasue when  a file is quarantined, there are 3 things that VirusScan does to render the file virtually harmless.  – The file is encrypted with an algorithm that can only be decrypted by VirusScan.. (ii) The extension of the file is changed to .VIR and the file is locked. ; (iii) The file is moved to the quarantine directory.