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    Can't uninstall Safeboot client from a decrypted hard disc



      I really you can help me. I try to uninstall the safeboot client from a users laptop. I did the following:


      I got from our security department the SDB file and placed it on a USB stick. I booted with a SafeTech 5.2 disc and entered the code of the day.

      I authenticated using the SDB file and tried to look into the workspace, which is readable, so it should be the correct file.

      After this, I removed EEPC and after 2,5 days, it finished with a success message. But it seems the boot sector has not been removed.

      I try to boot into windows like normal, I get the 92h error message. I can get into windows using SafeTech and an Emergency boot. I can't sync with our database anymore, because the laptop has been removed several months ago and the security team say, the SDB file has another ID like the backup before the removal.

      I tried to run sbsetup.exe -uninstall from the Endpoint Encryption folder, but it fails with the message:


      Endpoint Encryption boot protection is still enabled on this machine. The client can not be uninstalled while boot protection is still enabled.


      That's the point I can get further. How can I remove the copy protection of the boot sector, without loosing all data?

      The user got several programs from the university and has many private files on the laptop, so I can't simply make a backup of the files and reimage the machine. I didn't try any boot sector replacement experiments or so. So hopefully I didn't crash something. The machine's running Windows XP Pro.




      I really hope, you have an idea.