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    please help me about dlp agent


      whats dlp agent. its very complex.

      a person has installed mcafee on my laptop and has locked my dvdrom by it

      i do disable the dvdrom from device manager and when do enable it a alert window showed me.

      its title had wrote: (Data Lose Preventation)

      and in it window was a Release code button

      when i clicked on it a new window opened with two row.

      first row was identification code and second row was blank and wanted me to enter release code.

      now whats release code and how must i find it?

      how can i unlock my dvdrom?

      how can i disable this dlp agent?

      (even i cant change registry values!)

      oh no it even has disabled my usbs

      please anyone help me!!


      my os is XP professional SP3

      mcafee dlp agent version:



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          Have you tried contacting your administrator?  They put DLP on there for a reason - to stop users from using the CDRom to write company data and carry it home or plugging in USB devices, copy company data and taking it home. 


          It would not be proper in an ethical sense to put out information to bypass a product that most of us use to protect the networks we manage.  Please try contact your ePO team and find out if they mistakenly applied a DLP policy to your machine first.  If not, then you can discuss their policy on DLP on company computers.

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            whats ePO?

            Say me how can i disable dlp agent?

            is only way reinstalling windows?


            on 8/8/11 6:42:08 AM CDT