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    scan sticks at dll file

      Hello All:
      have never posted to a forum before as I was always able to figure thses things out from reading your advice to earlier posts.  Thank you for that.

      I am now offcially stumped.

      I am running Mc Afee Virus Scan Enterprise 8.7.0i (through a college)  on a Dell Laptop Core 2 duo running Vista Home Premium SP2.

      Problem is that each time a scan runs it sticks at a file  (below) and freezes forcing a shutdown.


      C:/windows/winsxs/amd64_microsoft-windows-wpd-shellextension_31bf3856ad364e35_6. 0.6001.18000_none_6d47882e7f2739b/wpdshext.dll


      I have tried to unregister the file.  I get the acknowledgement that it is unregistered but it will not delete nor allow renaming or changing extension.  Cannot delete in registry either.

      Does not seem to affect normal computer ops but I am concerned that I cannot get a complete scan.  Thoughts please.

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          Moved this to Virus Scan Enterprise for support

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            Do you see any scan time out during scanning this dll? If yes then please post the message from Event viewer.

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              No message displayed.  In the window that displays the file being scanned, it stops changing fiel names and eventually the screen goes blank and the computer needs to be rebooted.  Thanks in advance for your help.

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                In OAS policy, did you set action to 'continue scanning' under Action tab?


                If not then I will suggest to open the case with support with process mon log while scanning is gonig on.

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                  I apologize for not replying earlier - I just had knee surgery and I haven't been able to work on the computer.


                  I'm not sure that I understood your instructions - I could not find the Policy or Action tabs you were referring to. Could you be more specific? I did try to find them but maybe I'm looking for the wrong tabs.


                  Here's what I did: In the On-Demand Scan properties, Exclusions - I set that specific DLL file to be excluded from the scan. The computer stuck again when scanned. I noticed, when I went back to the Exclusions tab, that it was blank - the file I had set to exclude was not there. I had applied the settings and hit OK when necessary. What next?

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                    It is possible it's another file it's stuck on, and the display still shows the previous file.

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                      If you set the exclusion on the local system, and it is being administered by ePolicy Orchistrator (ePO), the ePO policies may be set to overwrite local policies.  That would explain why the exclusion was missing later.

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                        Thanks for the help and suggestions.  I tried again to make the exclusion and it stuck through the scan and was there afterward.  Scan ran normally and skipped the file it was supposed to skip.

                        I realize we have treated the symptom and not the disease and if anyone has a thought on the disease I am listening but I am ready to consider this thread as closed.  Thanks again.