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    On-Access Scan - Nested zip files


      I have a few users who workd with nested zip files (actually, these are zip files containing war files, containing jar files...) and when they want to delete one of these files it takes about 5 minutes.


      I guess this is because on-access is on for reading and writing, and scan inside archives is also on.

      I prefer not to change these settings, but I'm looking for another solution.


      These files all have other names so I can not ad these files to the exception list.


      Does anybody have another idea what I can do to make sure these files aren't blocked so long when moving them?

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          I also had a problem in our firm. By us was the Problem also with VSE 8.8, but during normal copy of zip files from C:\ to D:\ Drive (or from a network drive to c-drive). To copy other files was performance ok. Then I removed archive scanning option on the on-access default process policies, and then whats much better with copy of zip files. And also the security you alway have because: Ok yes the zip file is not checked (read/write) if you download it to your harddisk. But if you unzip this file (and this I think you do if you will work with this file), it's not longer a zip file and then it's again checked during or after unzip is happend (writing to harddisk).

          Greetings Sven