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    McAfee DLP agent "network handler" not compatible with Nod32?

      Hi, recently we're helping our customer to build a HDLP environment,

      they installed Nod32 anti-virus 3 on every computer,

      and we discovered that:


      if we install a mcafee agent and dlp agent to a client computer witch is protected by Nod32,

      and in the ePO dlp policy → ageny configurations → miscellaneous

      when "network handler " option is checked,

      the client computer will lose all network connectivity, except for "ping".

      it will also unable to connect to ePO server,

      but if the "network handler" is uncheck, all network is ok.


      plus, we found out that if we force stop the process "ekrn.exe"

      network is back again, and that process is one of the Nod32 sub-processes.

      but killing this process, this computer wil somehow lose its protection against virus,

      exlude mcafee agent and dlp agent from Nod32 does not help.


      Any way to make it compatible?, or, any similar situation here?