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    New policy without DLP

      I need to create a new policy to be applied in a single system that dose not include DLP agent at all (causing high utilization).

      Need your usual support on this ASAP (it is our CEO this time).


      All I can see was to configure the DLP not disabling it.

      Kindly reply in full steps.


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      ePO 4.0

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          To modify the policy for single system, please select the machine in the ePO server (Actions=>Agent=>Modify policy for single system) and modify the policy for corresponding product.


          If DLP is causing performance issue then I will suggest you to look into Task manager and see which process is taking higher CPU resources and troubleshoot accordingly.

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            FCAG.EXE is the one.


            now how can I set a policy without DLP, till I find a solution for it.


            I created new group and moved the system inside it, now how can I delete the DLP policy? if it cant be deleted, what configuration I can set inside the policy that disable the (FCAG.EXE) at all, or at least minimize the utilization.


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              Please look at KB#:KB70491 to troubleshoot fcag.exe high CPU usage.