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    Virus Scan Causes Internet Explorer To Stop Working

      I have McAfee Internet Security version 11. Up until two weeks ago, I had version 10 but I got version 11 through my auto updates. I tried to scan my computer twice and whenever I do, it freezes up Internet Explorer and then Internet Explorer stops working completely. I never had this problem with the previous versions. Words can't describe how disappointed I am with McAfee. I have been a customer for seven years. I have had quite a few problems in the last 18 months with the software, mainly issues with the updates. I have thought about cancelling my subscription a few times in the past year and a half and I have to say that I have finally had it. My subscription ends next month and I will not renew it. The problems with the software just keep getting worse with each version. I've read the message board and I see that other people are having issues with Virus Scan and the length of time that it takes with the new version. The issues with the new version haven't been resolved and I suspect that they never will be.


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