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    Agent Deployment for new server 4.6 ePO from 4.0


      Currently i'm working on a project with 12000+ clients on ePO 4.0 Agent 4.0 AV 8.5i throughout the world with a number of very slow link.. With end of life around the corner now i want to get these machines updated ASAP..


      I have installed a new server 2008 R2 running all current agents and AV tools..


      One option is i use SCCM to deploy the AV / Agent however i have the following question


      • As i add a list of machine any thing from 5 per site to 500+ how does McAfee manage the deployment ?  How many machines will be pushed at any one time ?
      • Is BITS or simlar technology used?
      • One thing i have noticed when i deploy the agent it takes a while to enforce the new site.xml files and reports failed deployment for new AV  how can i speed this up ?