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    Firewall Enterprise - Web Reporter configuration


      I've been assisting a customer today with the process of configuring Web Reporter to receive logs from a Sidewinder/Firewall Enterprise v8.1.2 appliance.


      I don't know if it is working as our conversation was largely theoretical. But checking through the product guides for both products (particularly Web Reporter) I couldn't really find anything conclusive to suggest a recommended or prescribed way of doing this.


      The KB was similary sparse - though this could be due to my search strings.


      In older versions of Web Reporter (and SmartReporter before that) I'm sure there were appedicies covering common configuration scenarios, but the current Web Reporter manual no longer seems to have anything of this nature and the Firewall Enterprise manual doesn't reveal a great deal more.


      Does a document or KB article exist providing an example walk-through of Firewall Enterprise/Web Reporter integration?


      Many Thanks,