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    Anyone running Adobe Premiere?


      We have a few video editing types in the organization who are having problems with system lockups and freezes.  Techs have worked deskside on the machine, and every time a freeze occurs mcafee appears to be doing "something"   is about all that's been determined.  Exceptions for .mov and .mp4 files for on access scanning haven't had much traction.   Disabling on access for everything except just .exe's on read  didn't take care of it.     I've now blocked internet access and uninstalled VSE on one of their machines to gather another data point.  So far the freeze hasn't occurred since VSE was uninstalled.


      Has anyone worked through this with VSE?   We were on 8.7p3 on that particular machine.   

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          I'm going to try some of these tips I learened from a platinum partner yesterday: In this case, adding premiere's .EXE to the low risk processes list  should help a great deal perhaps.



          1) a lot of administrators don't know about using high and low risk process exceptions in VSE.  On-Access Low-Risk Processes Policies  and On-Access High-Risk Processes Policies.  To enable this, go to one or the other and radio button "Configure different scanning policies for high-risk, low-risk, and default processes."  


          If you (after testing yourself) instruct your clients who use mcafee to put your process executable name  (e.g. myprogram.exe) in the low risk processes list (assuming it really is a low risk process, that your program doesn't handle a ton of malicious filetypes from the internet, and that you've done a good job vetting your software for vulnerabilities),  that can improve performance tremendously as there will be a lot fewer checks done on all things that process does.    If there are no entries in either high or low risk policy process exceptions, apparently all processes get the full checking treatment, which impacts performances.   Apparently the mistake a lot of us make it to put processes in the On-Access Default Processes Policies   list expecting the world to get better, when apparently the biggest performance boost will be had if a given process name gets on the On-Access Low-Risk Processes Policies  list.


          2) VSE 8.8 apparently has a lot of performance improvements over 8.7 due to the use of a scan cache.  Customers on 8.8 are actively happy about the improvements.