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    Is McAfee WaveSecure security for Android? I don't think so!

      I can't find any info on WaveSecure here in the forums.  I use McAfee Total Protection on my computers and put it on my friends' and family's computers because it works.  I have never had a virus or any known breach of security.


      I bought WaveSecure with that same intention... thinking it is only a matter of time before malware, trojans or some evil will visit my Android device. Reading an article I see how few people even give that any thought and fewer do anything about it.  I have been thinking I am not one of "them" because I have WaveSecure... see how smart I am?  Well, visiting that product page today I read more carefully.  There is no mention of endpoint, email or web security.  It is only a backup/restore program with a remote wipe feature.  I am naked it appears.  I don't see any non-enterprise McAfee solution... a search in Android Marketplace reveals Kaspersky, Trend Micro and a number of others... NO McAfee!  Geez... I am installing Kaspersky Mobile Security today, it offers a host of VERY useful capabilities... and it is only half the cost as McAfee's backup program.


      Anybody have experience with Kaspersky or any better suggestions?


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