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    Safeboot problem

      I have removed Safeboot via the Remove Safeboot option within Safeboot 4.2 Support Tools. However I was unable to successfully run sbsetup -uninstall as it stated boot protection was still enabled.


      Now stupidly I've run Remove Safeboot again and I'm left with a non-bootable non NTFS disk. Is ther eanyway I can un do this unfortunate mistake?

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          did you run Force decrytion ? if not than than there should not be problem ..


          follow the below steps

          1. boot the system with Safetech

          2. authorize and authenticate (values from Database)

          3. Workspace Functions > Read from sectors > 63

          4. view Workspace  (try to read at right side bottom screen NTLDR is MISSING with spaces SEE attached example IMAGE of sector63 in plaintext)

          #If you are able to read than hdd is decrypted and try to search data on hdd with any data recovery software#


          in case if

          5. you are not able to read above message that means something went wrong


          either you have decrypted HDD twice (normal remove safeboot will not do that , it can happen only if you have used force decryption)

          or some unknown reason



          if you want me to check you sector 63 then export sector 63 and upload here with .sdb file


          to export sector 63 folow below steps

          1. boot the system with Safetech

          2. authorize and authenticate (values from Database > SDB FILE)

          3. Workspace Functions > Read from sectors > 63

          4. write to file > name it as "sector63" and save

          5. see for the "sector63" file on your floppy and upload it here... with sdb file


          also upload PARTINFO of the hdd if you can


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            I literally ran Remove Safeboot command twice, so no forced decryption.


            I had cured the inital problem (BSOD) by removing Safeboot then repairing OS (XP) but then as I hadn't totally removed it (as sbsetup -uninstall failed) I rather rashly ran the command again! (stupid I know!)


            I have saved the sector63 info, but cannot work out how to attach (new to forum), but basically it contains the info


            A disk read error occurred

            BOOTMGR is missing

            BOOTMGR is compressed

            Press cntl+Alt+Del to restart


            Though this could be due to the fact I've also attempted an emergency boot?

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              first of all I forget to inform you that .. when after first remove you got error "boot protection was still enabled." while running sbsetup -uninstall command .. at that time you only have to FIX MBR and proble would have been resolved ... (just for future reference)



              now come to the current situation


              "I literally ran Remove Safeboot command twice, so no forced decryption.:"  I am assuming this as REMOVE SAFEBOOT in safetech.



              if you removed safeboot noramlly with "remove safeboot option"

              than I think hdd is decrypted but something went wrong with Partition table and now you are not able to read HDD , I would sugguest you to use any data recvoery software adn search for on RAW HDD. even sector63 inforation is also saying that its not encrypted...



              Best of Luck


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                as we discussed over mail, simply use the disk option to encrypt the drive the opposite number of times for the incorrect removals.


                note all - this is 4.2, so there's no "force crypt/normal crypt" option - it always does exactly what you tell it to do.


                so, if you removed three times, just encrypt twice to get back to plain text.


                It's worth proving the point, so load up the partition boot sector (normally 63) into the workspace, it should look encrypted - encrypt it twice, and it should look normal again. Once you've worked this out, just use the disk option to encrypt the parition the required number of times to get back to the beginning.

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                  just for clarification, what you should have done at the beginning, was not used the SDB file - for a working EEPC install, you always, without fail, should use keys from disk / values from token.


                  You only need to use the SDB file if the pre-boot is broken. If it's working, it's of course best to use the information the pre-boot contains, as that's most likely to be correct.


                  Again, only use the SDB if the pre-boot does not work

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                    I'm finally at the point where I can perform encryption.


                    However only encrypt option I can see is "Encrypt sectors" within "Hard Disk Functions".


                    Is this what I use and if so what range do I provide?

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                      Can anyone help re this?


                      The drive in question is a Fujitsu MHZ2160BJ which has one platter and 2 heads. I can't seem to ascertain number of cylinders, sectors per track etc in order to calculate sector range.


                      Anyone know if this needs to be spot on, or can I enter a range that should cover a 160 Gbyte disk.


                      I don't want to guess, as I really need to recover from this self created issue!

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                        you have to get PARTINFO First.. to have sector range..


                        Copy the attached PARTINFO.exe (unzip it) on bootable floppy and produce below command


                        A:\> Partinfo > Partinfo.txt


                        it will create partinfo.txt file on your floppy , in this file you will be to see range..

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                          IMP NOTE : I would sugguest you to make clone image of this HDD (with Ghost -ir option) before doing anything on it.

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