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    help for visually impaired

      Can anyone offer me a solution, other than enable pre boot accessibility support is there any other way to facilitate the use of endpoint encryption for visually impaired/blind users (Using 5.2.8).  We need to protect the data using our preferred encryption tool but we also need to comply with disability legislation your help would be greatly appreciated.  He uses a text to speech package - JAWS.


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          JAWS is a windows application - they don't support any other mode of operation.


          for EEPC5 though, why not create a super-large theme for the user? someone asked for a 72pt font once to do exactly this - I can provide it if you want to play around.


          What's wrong with the built in accessibility audiable options though? They were approved for 508 compliance - I thought that was what people needed?

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            Thanks for your reply your advice is always welcome. Although the audible options do give us basic compliance and will suffice. We are being pushed towards bitlocker so I was just looking for a solution that would halt the bitlocker route :-( .


            Thanks again.

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              not sure how bitlocker is going to help you - how's a user typing a pin into Bitlocker, and a password into EEPC different? Bitlocker has no accessibility mode AFAIK?

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                No pin - uses Win log on with Win7 at this point JAWS is running so user has no problem logging on.  However now found that the laptop users has does not have TPM so will have to go with endpoint :-).


                Thanks again for your help much appreciated.


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                  no pin? With or without TPM, you know that you are on extremely shaky ground legaly? Even Microsoft will tell you that without a pin, you're really not compliant with data protection regulations....

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                    That one for our security guys who I am sure will being having some kind of episode when they find out.  We are using our preferred encryption tool now :-) as it does provide us with what we need.


                    Thanks again for your time and comments..