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    slow interent browsing with McAfee web gateway




      I have slow internet browsing speed when the users use the McAfee web gateway proxy, I'm sure it is a DNS problem . below are the details:

      the customer have websense and ISA as a proxy, which have the real DNS. and the users have only internal DNS configured to resolve the internal domain names only.

      so, all web naming resolution is done in the ISA.

      I put McAfee web gateway ( in the network for a POC

      when I set the McAfee web gateway in the network, same VLAN for internal and external for ISA and the same real DNS for ISA, I have a slow internet browsing speed.

      just a test from one PC which have a real DNS, the internet browsing speed is good,

      how can the name resolution for websites be done only in the McAfee web gateway and have good internet speed.



      can anyone advise on this?

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