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    Mac Version - System State: Inactive


      I was able to get the Mac EE product installed on a Macbook Pro. I first installed EPO Agent, then the EE Agent, then the EE product. The icon shows up but the System State reports as Inactive. I see policy updates are being processed and the system does appear in the EPO.


      I was going to try to uninstall/reinstall everything but that seems to be a huge pain in the MAC world.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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          Have you looked at the clinet log file? (/Library/Logs/McAfee Endpoint Encryption.log)  Anything obvious in it?


          Is your device one of the supported ones (ie, 64bit EFI, model listed https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB68921 ) ?

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            There is no log in that location. I do the commands to created debug logs but get an error with this command: sudo tail -fF -n2000 /Library/Logs/McAfee Endpoint Encryption.log 

            No such file or directory, and I'm sure the path'ing is correct.

            Looking over the link you provided I've noticed that MacBookPro3,1 is not on the list. We have lots of older Macs. Will Mcafee be adding support for more hardware models any time soon ? Is it likely this is my problem. We're running Lion but that appears to be supported.




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              If your device is not on the list, it won't even try to activate - you can add it though if you want to "experiment" - your platinum support person can help you do that.


              We'll add support once we have proof that the device works perfectly - there's no plan for us to go and aquire all the old macs to do historical testing though.

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                Works on the Symantec Product. So.. are you saying I have to have "platinum support" to have them help me try to make this work ? So there's hope ?


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                  it's simply a device we don't have, so have never tested - if it's running a supported OS, and has a 64bit EFI, it may work fine. We just eer on the side of caution when we simply have no experience of the device.


                  If you want to try it yourself, the instructions are in the KC - https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB72112


                  remember though, "not supported" means just that, if it blows up on you, there's not going to be much help from the McAfee support channel, though it would be very interesting to know how you get on - if it works perfectly, you can post the changes to the XML file here, and get credit for the first person to get it working on that particular model

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                    I added this to the file:


                    <modellist xsi:type="ns1:Model">

                    <ModelName>MacBook Pro</ModelName>


                    <Processor>Intel Core 2 Duo</Processor>


                    It seems to be encrypting now.


                    We cant do this for every MacBookPro. This model is only 4 years old and still supports newer OS's like Lion.

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                      Just to follow up, it appears a hotfix has been created. EEMAC11-HF741645. I think you need to load it after you load the standard EEMAC version 1. This isnt an upgrade to the MAC EPO Agent or the MAC EE Agent. The file I was given was MfeEeMac- . Im sure its on the FTP somewhere but I didnt get it the EPO Software manager so I just thought Id share.


                      From the readme:



                      This HotFix release supports additional Mac hardware
                      such as Mac Book, Mac Book Pro's , Mac mini's, iMac's
                      and Mac Pro's.


                      The following models are supported with this HotFix:
                      - MacBook5,2
                      - MacBookAir2,1
                      - MacBookPro3,1
                      - MacBookPro4,1
                      - MacBookPro6,1
                      - iMac7,1
                      - iMac8,1
                      - iMac9,1
                      - iMac12,1
                      - iMac12,2
                      - Macmini3,1
                      - Macmini4,1
                      - Macmini5,1
                      - Macmini5,2
                      - Macmini5,3
                      - MacPro3,1
                      - MacPro4,1
                      - MacPro5,1