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    Moving EPO to new server and upgrading to latest version.

      Hi All,

      We currently have an epo 4.5 running on server 2003 R2. We are planning to move this onto a server 2008 R2 machine and also upgrade to the latest version of EPO. We currently have duplicate records for many machines, a few that do not update as they should and lots of old machines that no longer exist all showing as records in EPO. Because of this I was planning to build the new server, whack the latest EPO on that and then redeploy the agent from the new server. I found a article last week that suggested that this would simply swipe the clients off the old server and get them all talking to the new one, but I can't find that now.



      What I am wondering is if this will work ok or are we likely to run into issues, or is there a much better way to acheive what we want? I have had a look around and found several things that should work if we piece them together. But I'd like to ensure this all goes as smoothly as possible.



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          Exactly the same way i did it when upgrading from EPO 4.5 to 4.6. Just deploy the agent from the new EPO server. The machines didn't get removed from the old EPO server they just stopped reporting to it. I just manually deleted machines from the old server when i seen them reporting to the new one.


          My only hurdle was 200 machines at 13 sites at the end of a low bandwidth WAN and a few legacy Win2k machines that i needed to manage. The 4.6 agent won't install on Win2K so it's just a case of using the 4.0 agent and importing the site list and server keys.

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            Additionally you can register the new ePO 4.6 within your ePO 4.5, import the security keys and then use the "Transfer system" action to tell any 4.5.x agent to contact your new ePO server ...

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