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    Deploying VirusScan 8.5 and set Licensing Option

      I've searched the forums and looked around on the web, but have not found a definitive answer.

      1) If I use Installation Designer 8.5 to package and deploy VirusScan, is the license automatically set to Perpetual? Or does it default to 1 year?

      2) If we are using EPO 4.0, does it even matter what license option is deployed when we install VirusScan? Does using EPO override the licensing and set it to Perpetual?
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          When you used MID if you chose to use the machine you were on as the basis for the config then it would take the licence info from that machine, so if that was perpetual then new package would also be perpetual.

          I usually just checkin the default packages for EPO 4.0 VSE and they seem always to be set to perpetual when they install.. Cant find this explicitly stated anywhere though.