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    Upgrade MA 4.5 to 4.6 for Mac computers?


      We're more recently getting into supporting Mac OS X systems via ePO so we currently have only 11 systems.  We have a mix of 8 MA 4.5 machines and 3 MA 4.6 machines.


      My issue is that the Mac OS X machines running MA 4.5 are not getting the new MA 4.6 installations via the deployment task I have setup.  I know the MA 4.6 adds the ability to push items to a machine but shouldn't the MA 4.5 systems still update themselves to MA 4.6?

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          Sailendra Pamidi

            Please check if you are able to upgrade the Agent manually - by copying the installation files over to the MAC system -

          For details on how to do this, please refer to the ePO 4.6 product guide (PD23185) page 34 -

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            When I run the manual installation process;


            sudo chmod +x install.sh

            sudo ./install.sh -i


            I get this from the one test machine I have access to.



            An higher or same version of the agent is already installed
            installer: Error - The installed version of the agent is already greater than or equal to this version.  Installation cannot continue


            So I then went into \DRIVE\Library\McAfee\cma\ and most of the files in there have the 4.6 name in their file names.  So file wise it does appear this machine has already gotten the update yet it's reporting to ePO that it's running 4.5 still.  I also then noticed any of the 4.5 machines have not succesfully hit into ePO since 2011.08.01 but all of the 4.6 machines are succesfully hitting in.  I went to my test machine and tried to do an update and all it tells me is "Error" with no other details.  I went into the Preferences -> Update and all of the repositories are now gone, even the default McAfee one!  So now ALL of the machines that were updated from 4.5 to 4.6 are failing to both get updates and hit into the ePO server because they have no clue it exists.  This is just absolutely rubish...

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              So then I decided I would try to add a Repository but every time I add one and click apply it removes it...  Is there a file lcoally on the system I can edit or is my only option at this point uninstalling the agent and reinstalling to see if it works?

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                So I uninstalled the agent and then succesfully reinstalled the one we've been using to manually deploy to new machines with.  The system then showed the ePO & http Repository but would still fail to update/communicate so I rebooted the computer.  After the reboot all of the Repositories were gone AGAIN...

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                  Of note this is a PowerPC Mac Mini running 10.5 which I verified in the MA 4.6 documentation is supported by the MA 4.6 software.


                  I've uninstalled the MA 4.6 again as well as MSM 1.0 from the machine and rebooted.  After rebooting the system succesfully hits into ePO now and is reporting that it has MA 4.6 installed.  I'm going to try deploying MSM 1.0 tomorrow to see if it contiues to function properly after that.

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                    Sailendra Pamidi

                    Sorry to hear about your trouble. I am no expert in Mac but there is an updated version of McAfee Security for Mac (MSM 1.1) which supports MA 4.6. MSM 1.0 probably does not. KB72529 documents the supported versions of the Non-Windows products with McAfee Agent 4.6.


                    If you still face issue, please log a support case for detailed troubleshootinga and investigation.

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                      The problem is MSM 1.1 does not support PowerPC machines but MA 4.6 does so the best that can be used on those machines is MSM 1.0.  However on the intel machines that might be the issue though if MSM 1.0 is causing issues with the deployment of MA 4.5 on those machines.  I don't recall seeing an issue listed under the tech docs for MA 4.6 or MSM 1.0 about this but I'll read over them again tomorrow.

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                        Viola, McAfee KB defining supported MA 4.6 applications released yesterday and MSM 1.0 is not one of them.





                        Product NameSupport Version
                        (see Patch/Hotfix for more
                        Released for
                        Support on McAfee Agent 4.6
                        Upgrade Considerations
                        EndPoint Encryption for Mac (EEMac)1.006/09/2011
                        McAfee Security for Mac1.106/29/2011
                        Policy Auditor5.308/27/2010
                        VirusScan for Mac9.106/29/2011


                        Ok, seriosuly, what is the difference between McAfee Security for Mac & VirusScan for Mac?  They're both version 9.1 when installed but yet have different names while they seem to be the same product.


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