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    McAfee Net Guard

      My web site http://conquestevents.co.uk was blocked by McAfee today and I had to go into Net Guard and mark it as alloed in order to gain access to it.  Why did the McAfee Programme suddenley take this action?  Will the McAfee programme on other computer take the same action and block the site?

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          Hi tr2,


          The improved version of Your Personal Firewall now includes a function called Net Guard. This new function uses McAfee's TrustedSource service to maintain a repository of known good and known bad domain names and IP addresses.  If you try to go to a known bad website or address, Net Guard will protect you by blocking the connection.


          If you experience issues navigating to a location that you believe is trustworthy, check to see what the rating of the web page is.


          Quick check from the TrustedSource home page:

          1. Open a web browser.
          2. Go to http://www.trustedsource.org/en/home.
          3. Under TrustedSource Query type the domain name, URL, or IP address.
          4. Click Search.