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    Requirements for upgrade to 6.1 software from 5.1


      Hi All,


      On the McAfee Service Portal, the two version categories for NSP and NSM in the product documentation section are 5.1 and 6.0.  Although 6.1 release notes appear when you select 6.0 from the 'select a version' drop down box, I have noted that there is no specific 6.1 upgrade guide, and am wondering if there are any particular upgrade paths that need to be adhered to.


      From the 6.0 upgrade guide, revision 7:

      p25: To be able to upgrade <the manager> to 6.0, the current version of the Manager must be or above

      p36: To upgrade a sensor to 6.0, its current software must be of the version below (in my particular case or above)


      I have noted that for the I4000 sensors, sensor software seems to be the latest release (browsed to menshen site), and for the NSM appears to be the latest release.  As such I have downloaded NSP_6.1.1.14_6.1.1.7_I-series_Release_Notes, and on page 8 it advises that the following versions are supported for upgrading to this release:


      Manager image               I-series sensor image or above     , or above or above     , or above


      My current situation is:

      Management server:

      Sensor software:


      So from the above, I have two possible upgrade paths for the management server: -> (based on upgrade requirement to 6.0) -> ->

      OR -> -> (big jump but according to release notes above, possible)


      This will leave me with an NSM managing sensors (is this possible, as I cannot find any notes on limitations for managers managing certain sensor versions)


      And then for the sensors I have: -> -> (big jump but again, according to release notes above, possible)


      Could somebody confirm the above for sanity reasons?  I want to ensure that I havent missed of anything (version-wise) that could cause unneccessary problems.


      Any advice greatly appreciated!



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          I realize this post is now over a year old, but since I'm starting to research an upgrade to 6.x, I'd like to hear how your upgrade went.

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            Upgrade hit issues however that was due to the fact that the system had previously not been set up as best practise.  The thing that got us out is that it is *critical* to exclude the DB folder and the main NSP app folder from VSE scanning (There may be a HIPS requirement aswell, however I dont see that listed above!). 

            With that sorted, and a rollback (ALWAYS take backups before upgrades!), the upgrade paths went smoothly when the documented upgrade paths were followed.


            Its been a while since I touched this, and it may be a small amount of digging around in the documentation, but as said, the two critical things are: 1) VSE and HIPS exclusions and 2) Follow the supported upgrade paths documented in the release notes and upgrade guides.    Also, I would recommend (if possible, I do not know system compatibility) moving to the latest v7.x version.   Read through the upgrade guides for signs of caveats and gotchas, and for the most part you cant go wrong. 


            I hope this helps!

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              It'd been awhile since I last looked into upgrading, so after posting my inquiry I noticed that version 7 is out.  I suppose, since my old system is on very old hardware, I'll just build a new VM and do a fresh install.  I may even decide to start over with a new database, too.


              I did see in the Installation Guide the exclusions needed for VSE.  Thanks for the heads up!