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    Patch 5 Breaks Cisco VPN

      After rolling out VirusScan patch 5, the majority of my remote users trying to connect over VPN can no longer connect to VPN.

      Disabling VirusScan solves the problem.

      Has anyone else experienced this problem??

      How do I roll back to Patch 4? Can I roll back to Patch 4 on the ePO server and have it roll back all of the clients as well???

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          remove patch 5 from repository check patch 4 back in.

          to remove from machine you would have to either totally remove VSE and reinstall it on each machine or script an uninstall of just the patch using some kind of logon script or AD script etc etc.

          Patch 5 readme exert:

          Windows Installer 3.x and later now support the
          rolling back of Patches. This can be done one of
          two ways.
          - For Windows XP, Windows 2003, and Windows Vista
          operating systems, the Patch can be removed
          manually via Add/Remove Programs if the user has
          administrative rights to the local system.
          - For all operating systems that support Windows
          Installer 3.x, a command-line option can be used
          to remove the Patch silently.
          Msiexec.exe /I {35C03C04-3F1F-42C2-A989-A757EE691F65}
          - The GUID information used here will change
          from one Patch to another, so please use the
          information in the Release Notes for the
          patch that you are removing.
          - Because the patch is removed via MSIEXEC the
          functions inside setup.exe, that normally
          prevent reboots from occurring during silent
          processes, do not get executed. In order to
          prevent a possible automatic reboot from
          occurring after patch removal, simply add the
          REBOOT=R parameter to the command-line option
          - Patch removal is an MSI reinstall function.
          When a patch is removed, all features
          affected by the patch will get reset to
          installation defaults. Any features not
          modified by the patch will be left with their
          current settings.
          - Update VirusScan after removing the patch to
          ensure that the latest versions of the Engine
          and virus definitions are run.
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            We are using Cisco VPN client and do not have this problem after updating to Patch 5.

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              Are the VSE logs for OAS and access protection logging anything when the users try to connect via VPN?
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                Nothing in either log.

                We are using Cisco VPN Client

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                  We have deployed and it works fine.
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                    Fine here - We have the Cisco VPN client v5.0.01.0600 and VS 8.5 patch 5. No issues.