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    error web reporter


      Hi All, my web reporter can not receive logs that pushed from web gateway. I check status and see waiting status (see attach) . So i can not create reports because can not receive logs. Could you help me? Thanks!

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          I found two job running so another jobs must waiting. My customer have 100MB log every 5 minutes (over 1000 users). So web gateway must push logs to web reporter every 5 minutes. To import success for 100MB logs into web reporter need 15 days . So can not create reporters...  Anyone here can advise me how to make this run smooth? Thanks!

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            Jon Scholten

            Hi smalldog,


            I think something else must be going on... my general rule of thumb is 10,000 users should produce about 1GB of log data a day.


            1000 users should not produce 100MB every 5 minutes...


            I would advise opening an SR to investigate further to see if there is a log pushing problem. Include a feedback and a Web Reporter server.log file when you open the SR.


            What versions are you running for (Web Reporter and Web Gateway)?



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              I'm using web gateway 7.1 and reporter 5.2. Have you got guide to config reporter? I don't know why my custom have 100Mb every 5 minutes (see attach). Thanks!

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                Hi Jon, Assume 100Mb/day so to import 100Mb into reporter need 17days (see image above). So it too long time to create reports when we need... . Thanks for advance!

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                  Can you attach a server.log and a screenshot of  Administration -> Options -> Performance -> Database Statistics


                  Warning: there might be sensitive data in the server.log.  If you can use grep, I'm interested in seeing the lines that contain these classes.







                  One more useful thing, each physical appliance needs to be using a different log source. On the log sources, do you know which options are enabled for the processing tab?


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                    i just make default settings. Now i reinstall and web reporter process 100Mb file on 2 minutes. Don't why before it process files with long time. Thanks!

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                      And last question: my customers still have 100MB logs every 5 minutes on web gateway. I think logs include just text (100Mb text is too large). So could you show me how to configurate on web gateway that can reduce size logs smaller? Thanks!

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                        can you state which log files are growing so much on your Web Gateway? Is it the access.log?


                        It would be interesting to understand what data you are logging for each request, maybe you are logging too much information. Can you let us know in detail what logs seem to be too large?


                        Can you provide us with a line of this log, so that we can see what data you are writing?




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                          Yes, it access.log. I attached file with some lines from logs.  Thanks for helping me!

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