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    VSE 8.5i install path

      Would someone be able to tell me what path VSE 8.5i gets installed to when using ePO to push out an upgrade? Currently, we have 8.0i which is installed under:

      Program Files\Network Associates\VirusScan

      I plan on using ePO to uninstall 8.0i, then push out 8.5i. I notice that by default the latest CMA is installed under:

      Program Files\McAfee\Common Framework

      when pushed by ePO. So, basically I'm wanting to know if 8.5i is going to be installed under the Network Associates path or the McAfee path (or, heaven forbid, yet another path!).

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          It will be installed under c:\program files\mcafee\virusscan enterprise
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            Thanks for the quick response!

            I figured that was going to be the path. McAfee seems to be weaning itself off of all things "Network Associates" related.

            One thing still bothers me though. Ultimately, everything will be installed under:

            Program Files\McAfee\...

            except when we build a new system and install the CMA. When installing it manually (not a push from ePO), it still installs under:

            Program Files\Network Associates\Common Framework

            Is there any way to redirect a manual installation of the CMA to point to:

            Program Files\McAfee\Common Framework ?

            Thanks again!
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              The 3.6.xxx CMA packages install under mcafee, the older obsolete ones under network associates. what version are you using?
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                Just recently upgraded CMA from to When using ePO to push the agent out and update existing machines, it puts it under the McAfee path. When building a new machine from scratch and installing the CMA by running the FramePkg.exe, it installs under the Network Associates path.

                Other info:

                ePO is on a Windows Server 2003 SP2

                Current VSE is 8.0i Patch 14 (Base install is Patch 13, but then immediately use ePO to Update Now to Patch 14.)