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    EEPC 6.1 User Login name

      I wonder if anyone could tell where I am going wrong or is the following a design issue:


      Environment: EPO4.5 P4HF1, EEPC6.1,MA4.5P3, Windows AD



      I think I got everything working from install, user and computer sync, deploy of clients and  upgrade from v5 to v6 to perserving the password from v5. However, our environment operates first name [space] last name for username for AD and we replicate that in v5.


      Here's the problem, when you install v6 or upgrade from v5 to v6, v6 user login challenge screen only accepts last name [comma] [space] first name. Otherwise, it will say UNKNOWN user. I can't think of a way short of telling all the existing users of v5 that in order to be recognised they will have to enter last name [comma] [space] first name. I know to me this is not a big deal but users are not going to like it.


      Any advice or info would be much appreciate it.