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    Mcafee Protection delay on start up

      Hi again,  I noticed when logging on that windows action center flag (bottom right) again had red circle with white x. When opening up Windows Action Center I was greated with the Image below.I have had this problem Last year also.

      When it mysteriously went away (Mcafee fix?) Anyhow I am wondering why is there a 5 minute lapse between the time I log in and the time Windows action center says All is good.I know we went over this last year.But I never really received a concrete answer.I will post the Image below again.First I have to unhide My Images so I can post them.  does it make sense that it takes 5 minutes for all to clear?



      Mcafee and windows security.JPG

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          Also found this Post that was never answered from last year https://community.mcafee.com/thread/27149?start=0&tstart=0

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            After logging on today I still had a gap in protection according to windows security center.As you can see in Image above.If you look at task manager.My computer has been up for over 4 minutes.Yet There is no sign of Mcafee firewall of virus protection.Had this last year but went away eventually.After 5 minutes it finally turns on.This could not be very secure for any Mcafee costumers who think they are protected on start up.But really they are not.

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              So with all of the recent problems with Mcafee 2011 I was wondering.Could it be possible that some of mcafee`s costumers (like myself) can go up to 5 minutes unprotected after logging in??

              Well the answer seems to be yes.So if you are a Mcafee costumer and reading this you may want to check your Windows security Center the next time you log in.As the Image above fully shows.After logging on to my computer.You can see in task manager that my computer has been active for over 4 minutes.Yet when looking at the bottom right of task bar Action center flag shows Mcafee firewall has not turned on yet.Niether has Mcafee antivirus protection.It takes at least 5 minutes for these items to show my system as fully protected.As a costumer of Mcafee.I have to ask are ther still bigger problems Mcafee needs to fix?Since this has yet to be answered is even more curious to me.Since I have been a customer for over 3 years.Anyone?? thanks

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                Since it appears I am indeed talking to myself.I would like to add that Today,this problem did not occur.Still not sure what is going on.

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                  Still seem to have an almost 5 minute delay in Mcafee protection start up.This occured last year also after new version.After logging in windows security center says all is off.5 minutes later this clears up.



                  windows center n Mcafee.JPG

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                    I am going to assume that last year there was a fix sent out.Because I really don`t recall how it was resolved.Since I also had this problem last year.After posting about it and receiving no answer last year.I saw that someone else had started a thread here.Since I have this problem again this year.I was wondering If anyone from Mcafee had an answer.This is the reoccurring problem me and others had last year.

                    https://community.mcafee.com/thread/27149?start=0&tstart=0                        Thanks

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                      I guess this has been fixed for now?Mysterious.... hmmm.

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                        I still seem to have an issue with Mcafee working with windows security center.As you can see images in 1st post and post #5.For some reason Windows does not register the presence of Mcafee untill about 4:45 or so from the time I log in.So today I tested this problem a bit further.I decided to delete spywareblaster from Mcafee firewall.I restarted then after logging in I opened spywareblaster and clicked check for updates.Believe it or not with no firewall access it was able to check for updates.Meaning it went straight through Mcafee firewall.All this time I was wondering why Windows is not regestering Mcafee until about 5 minutes after log in.Can anyone explain what seems to be the problem with this.I had this problem last year also.This would seem to be a serious issue if there is no protection on start up.Let alone a problem with the Mcafee firewall.                                                         Thanks newjack

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                          hello there newjack...i have a mcafee 2013 and have the same issue with you...did you fix it???..how??....this post was in 2011 and today is 2013..they need to prioritize it..im hoping there will be fix for it...no start up protection for 4 or 5 minutes....

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