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    ALERT: Suspended Site on a link to my site - Spam - False positive



      I saw last year in november anyone was use the url shortener http://mcaf.ee and shorten a link to my site.

      I received a lot visitors over this link from Japan.

      Today I checked my site referers on svr. log saw the link shows a false alert with this message:


      ALERT: Suspended Site

      The site you are trying to visit has been suspended due to bad behavior. McAf.ee considers the site dangerous, not because of hosting malware, but because of activity such as spamming which is a sign of poor business practice.

      This site is marked as unsafe. You will not redirect to:


      I did never spam nor anyone from my website spam!

      It could be if im abroad for a few days and someone contact my email that the spam alert wrong detect the absent notification which tells the sender when I'm back and can answer to the email - (Vacation responder)


      Deeper analysis can be seen here: http://wepawet.iseclab.org/view.php?hash=a54146f1a6706a72c61e44c8ecd8629a&t=1312 043667&type=js and here: http://www.virustotal.com/url-scan/report.html?id=a54146f1a6706a72c61e44c8ecd862 9a-1312035498


      My site is about security and downloading tools from the internet.

      The program where the short url links goes to have even a source code on: https://github.com/metapirate/LimeWire-Pirate-Edition

      The content homepage is: http://www.gnutellaforums.com/getting-started-using-limewire/97321-limewire-pira te-edition.html


      The same software is also available on freeware sites such as:




      I please you very much to activate/recheck  http://mcaf.ee/fca9d which links to http://www.leechermods.com/2010/11/limewire-pirate-edition-download.html

      There is nothing wrong on my site or this link.


      Thanks in advance


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