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    McSvHost.exe spiking CPU

      Hi, so I've been using mcafee total protection for about 3 years now, and in the past few weeks I've noticed McSvHost.exe randomly spiking (I've seen up to 85% cpu usage, only firefox open) for about a second or two and causing my audio to crackle. Unfortunately I don't know whats causing it and its seemingly random, but it doesn't seem to be causing my computer any damage. at least not that I can tell. I've only noticed it if I have music playing. I don't know why or how this is happening but I'd like to get this fixed, before something else goes wrong.


      I don't know too much about computers I'll tell you what I know.


      Computer is 3 months

      McAfee Total Protection. Security Center build: 11.0.572, VirusScan build: 15.0.291, Personal Firewall build: 12.0.338

      Windows 7 64-bit

      AMD athlon II X4 640 processor @ 3.00 Ghz

      Edit: also, my computer is an HP, model p6754y and I don't have any hp printer driver software installed.


      I also have this Screenshot attached red circle shows the spike, reaching 47% cpu. It only lasted for about a second.


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          Good to see you did a search. yes I would have thought it was the Hp mopier printer draivers/suite but you said you do not have 1 do you have any printe drivers installed?


          Just wondering as might be a common issue. I will point Somer here as she is doing the hard yards trying to get data on the HP mopier issue and she might know something I do not. One thing is as you have a new HP have you got the hp cloud software installed? This causes mcsvhost errors and it might be a good test to uninstall this and see if the spikes stop.


          Pinged somer though it is the weekend there

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            What would the hp cloud software be called because I have everything that was originally installed on this computer still. Looking at the hp programs I do have installed 'HP mediasmart', 'HP odometer', 'HP setup/manager', 'HP support assisstant', 'HP Update'. 'HP vision hardware diagnostics'. Would any of those count as "cloud software" because I'm not entirely sure.


            Anyway, I'm not entirely sure that the HP software may be the cause because I've had mcafee installed since after I got the computer, and these spikes didn't start happening til about a month maybe after I got it, although they're very infrequent. Since then they've grown in frequency, which is why I'm here.


            One more thing, I did have to do a system restore at one point, because of a faulty windows update(I couldn't load the desktop for whatever reason), and mcafee basically froze on me for a while, but I got it working again not long after so I didn't pay it too much mind.


            Don't know if any of this helps, but here ya go.



            Edit: So, after some looking of my own, I think I've tracked down the service that are spiking.

            cpuspike3, Mcafee SiteAdvisor Service spiked to 35%, and McMPFSvc spiked to 45%

            So...the cause may have something to do with mcafee interacting with firefox?

            SiteAdvisor build is


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              could be called Zumo backup or similiar.


              Was the spiking occurring prior to the restore and subsequent Mcafee lock up?


              If no maybe a mcafee reinstall the next step to exclude this.


              reboot and reinstall via your account.


              Yes a few mcsvhost spiking posts but we need to exclude other issues like corrupted mcafee install.



              on 31/07/11 9:01:09 AM
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                So, I uninstalled and then reinstalled mcafee, but the spiking has not stopped.

                What next?

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                  Firefox version? SA does not work with FF5 they updated too fast for them to kep up. A new SA coming that will cover FF5 and higher but suggestion is to uninstall Site Advisor and use WOT for the time being

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                    I'm using firefox 5.0 and SA is already disabled so it shouldn't be to much of a problem. HOwever the problem as I've discovered is mcafee's firewall (McMPFSvc) is also whats causing the spiking. Actually, the firewall causes more cps usage than SA.

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                      If you want to use our software with FF5 or FF6 you can try our beta at http://sadownload.mcafee.com/products/sa/beta/saSetup.exe


                      That should fix SA and maybe help with the spiking. Worth a try