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    mcafee  update concerns

      Today I noticed that Mcafee had not updated for 2 days so I ran MVT.It said up to date.When I switched to Administrator I noticed Mcafee was starting to update.This has happened many times recently.I am wondering why would Mcafee auto update when I switch over to Admin account?


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          In reading through the blogs and discussions, I've found that the auto-update problem is going back to at least their 2010 product so I don't understand why Mc doesn't actually fix the root problem instead of having us (their consumers) try to figure it out on our own and continually "patch" it.  I am having the same auto update problem so I started a manual update, babysitting it through the whole process.  I DID have a link to at least a manual update of my DAT files but Mc has changed that to those with certified technical support (?) or something like that.  They also changed the shred process so that now it cleans/shreds out only my temp internet files and recycle bin.  I have no other AV running and I know their tech people will again say, uninstall and reinstall.  Their volunteer moderator is the one who's been the greatest help.  Terribly disappointed with Mc.....Running Windows XP with SP2

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            I know.Because Of the way it is supposed to work.A lot of the time the updates don`t go off.I believe they have it so the CPU is under 10% for 10 minutes.The problem is I shut down my computer.So when it is on.I am using it.If it spikes over 10% it seems you have to wait another 10 mins.I Also think the Mods do a ton of work for Mcafee (they should be paid).