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      My weekly McAfee virus scan picked up and quarantined Downloader-BCS.


      According to the McAfee virus profile, Downloader-BCS “is a java applet trojan intended to silently download and execute malicious content from a remote server. “


      How do I know that this trojan did not download and install some malicious software?




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          If the software told you it was quaratined then you should be fine. Is your computer acting strangely to where you feel something might have slipped by?


          This document from mcafee can assist you in troubleshooting any potential issues.

          Required Reading - Home User Assistance Malware Troubleshooting


          I have seen this one before as it had happened to me but my system is ok and I have had no issues whatsoever.

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            This trojan attempts to download other files but McAfee knows the names by which they are saved and should detect these too. If your scan was only a Quick Scan you should follow up with a Full Scan to be sure that any other files it has downloaded are removed.

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              Thanks for your help Tom and Hayton.


              To answer our question Tom, my computer has not been acting strangely in a way that I feel something might have slipped by.


              I run a full scan every Friday.


              After the file was quarantined, I went into Safe Mode and ran another full scan that can up clean.