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    New PC freezes/hangs with McAfee installed



      I just bought a new pc, second day now, ever since yesterday when I installed the total protection pack, my PC freezes a lot. It's the same as it says here, not gonna read through 47 pages though. Did read some stuff about the coding with HP printers but I don't have this one.


      My pc consists of a i7 2600k processor, 8GB ram, Radeon HD6970, Bigfoot killer network card, windows 7 and other things. I keep getting this freeze even when I'm just listening to music, killing the process works but it comes up pretty fast and the freezes jump up as well then. Contact me via mail if I can help in any way.


      Thank you,



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          Hey Rouffious,


             Just a quick question. Did you have any other virus protection on your computer before McAfee? Or did the computer come with McAfee?

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            just the standard windows stuff... Completely new rig since yesterday untouched by any software except windows and drivers.


            I fixed it for now by changing the 'run as' to windows vista SP 2 ( since it all worked fine on my other pc which had vista ) and I run the process as administrator now. Haven't had a problem for an hour now I think, been playing the games I played before while having the problem and everything is running fine. Hope it's fixed this way.

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              Hmm... That's weird. Could you double-click your M icon (by your clock) and tell me... do you see "About" in the top-right corner?

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                This editor keeps throwing me out so when I press the arrow to delete it goes to the previous page. What is it exactly you need to know? Last update was from 28/07 so should be ok I guess.

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                  I'd like to get the build numbers for VirusScan, Firewall, and SecurityCenter. Depending on what version of the software you have, you can get this by clicking about in the top-right corner, or clicking navigation, then clicking About.


                  The about screen can't be cut and pasted, so you'll have to type what you see.

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                    "I just did that 4 times but editor kept kicking me I'll put it in notepad first just a second"





                    Version: 11.0

                    Build: 11.0.572




                    Version: 15.0

                    Build: 15.0.291




                    Version: 12.0

                    Build: 12.0.338


                    Mc Afee just asked me to let a helper get acces to the internet, gave it permission and the freezes came back. Cancelled the process again so guess my fix isn't helping.


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                      That's even weirder.


                      Two quick things I'd like to know the result of.


                      1) Right click your gray taskbar and choose "Task Manager." Does it open? Or does it open, then close?

                      2) Click Start, go to the search box and type Regedit. Accept all the security warnings that come up. Does Registry Editor open? Or does it give you an error, or close itself?


                      Don't make any changes to the things above, I just want to see if they close on your like SecurityCenter does.

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                        I think you got me wrong, this editor where I type in keeps kicking me so if I type something but press delete too fast I go to the previous page and lose what I've been typing, such as the settings I was trying to give you. Task manager etc work fine. No problem there and mcafee opens without a problem. It's just the freezes.

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                          May not be a McAfee problem. I see plenty of articles on the Microsoft support website detailing scenarios where Windows 7 suddenly starts freezing up.


                          @rouffious : I guess Windows 7 came with the new PC. All the same, could you log on to Microsoft Updates and check that there are no updates, Critical or Optional, available for your machine?


                          Some of the articles I mentioned are in the links below -

                          Article ID: 2265716 - "A computer that is running Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows 7 stops responding randomly"
                          Article ID: 979149 - "A computer that is running Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 becomes unresponsive when you run a large application"

                          Article ID: 976418 - "After you change the SATA mode of disk devices to use the AHCI specification, the computer or certain applications randomly stop responding for 60 seconds or for longer in Windows 7 and in Windows Server 2008 R2"

                          Article ID: 2465772 - "An application or service that uses Winsock API or Winsock Kernel API may randomly stop responding in Windows Server 2008 R2 or in Windows 7"


                          I would also suggest you go to http://support.microsoft.com/fixit/ and run a few diagnostics particularly under the "Fix performance, errors or crashes" header, and especially the one entitled "Playing video files crashes or freezes Internet Explorer or Windows". That may not have anything to do with it, but drivers are a common cause of Windows problems.


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