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    VirusScan Enterprise 8.7.0i is clearing my cache and cookies

      It seems that every time I refresh my browser window, or close and re-open it, my cache and cookies are deleted. This happens in every web broswer I've used (Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome) so I know that it's not a problem as far as my browser settings goes. Additionally, this only started happening after I installed the McAfee software. My school has a license key and allows students to download the software from their site for free.


      Is there a way I can turn off the setting in McAfee that deletes my cache and cookies? I'd rather do this manually. Please help.


      Thanks in advance!



      EDIT: I think I have the right section now. It seems to be, judging by the name of the section.


      EDIT: By the way, it only deletes flash game data. I stay logged in to Facebook/Gmail/etc on page refreshes.


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