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    Configuring VSE 8.8 Weekly Scan - specified timing needed


      Hey Guys,


      Just a query on schedualing  a weekly scan in VSE 8.8.


      I have the task setup and deployed to my workstation list.  a question on its deployment functionality.


      What I want..... is to have a weekly scan run on Friday between 12.00 and 17.00, Once.  I have tried setting this up but when I select the option to run and repeat it obviously keeps repating the task the whole time. (we don't want to kill PC run time all afternoon just for the time it takes to run the scan once.


      If I select the top option as seen below it will try to run the task at 12.00....If the PC is not turned on until 15.00 will the task still engage ??? and if so does that mean if the PC is not turned on until Saturday or the next Monday will the task still try and kick off or only on the friday as specified?




      As I was doing this I think I have figured it out (what a spaz) - I presume you use the second option and tell it to repeat only until 17.00 then in the window oposite set the repeat time to 5 hours???


      Can someone confirm that I have it here?



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          The Schedule Type (two sections above the Start Time section) should be weekly, and just check the Friday box.  Leave the Start Time as Run once at that time.  In the Options section at the bottom, you can click or clear the check box for "Run missed task" to indicate if you want it to run when the computer is turned on after missing the task.  If checked, then scan will run whenever the system is turned on, not just on Friday.  The "minute delay" setting after the Run missed task checkbox is to allow Windows to get fully loaded before the scan starts.  Leaving it 0 means the task will start right away.