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    received phishing email with McAfee site approval shield

      I am using the software offered through the  ATT ISP Elite Service. I believe it's called Internet Security Suite.  I recently received  2 phishing emails with zip attachments from Chase bank both of these emails had the McAfee green shield and they were in my inbox .  I didn't like the zip file so I forwarded both off to chase @abuse and they acknowledged that these were both fraudulent. 


      I am wondering why these were both given the stamp of approval by McAfee and if in the future I should also send a copy to someone at McAfee?  Thanks 

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          Hi Catherine,


          Spam is unsolicited email that is typically sent to multiple individuals at the same. Often, spam email advertises a product, service, or website. And at times they duplicate a reputable company . The next time you receive an email from some anonymous source , try to avoid opening them and contact our technicians so as they can check your McAfee  settings .