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    Windows 7 x64 "EEPC window" after lock issue


      We have an issue when it comes to windows7 x64. (no issues with windows XP SP3).

      At random intervals, after a laptop is locked, the McAfee EEPC login screen does not come up leaving the corsor and the background available only. The only way to regenerate the McAfee EEPC login screen is by going to another machine on the network and initiating an RDP session. This triggers the EEPC login window again.

      EEPC 6.1.1


      SSO enabled.

      I have opened a case and logs have been sent but so far the issue has not been identified. I am also trying to create a memory dump but this can take a while since receating it issue is not possible. It does happen at random.

      What i realised today is that once recovered through RDP, 3 instances of EpePcCredentialProviderHelper.exe were found.

      Any Ideas?